About Me

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My work ethic is doing what I’m told right away, to the best of my ability, and with a positive attitude. Being a news reporter for Action 12 News in Joplin, Missouri, constantly had me on the move to meet tight deadlines. I planned, organized, coordinated, managed, wrote, shot, and edited four stories a day. I called more than 30 people a day to find story ideas and set up interviews. I maintained a positive relationship with my contacts by consistently staying in touch. I was a fill-in anchor for “Good Morning Four States.” I also filled in for the 10 p.m. “Weekend News Edition” as a reporter, producer, and anchor. I’ve shown my hard work, organization, and creativity on-air by public speaking live in studio, newsroom, and on location. I understand news breaks on Twitter and the web, and I am constantly using my multiple platforms to discover and spread information. I also have been a leader in station events, parades, and in the community.

Being a Multimedia Journalist for Oklahoma State University’s online video channel OStateTV, I’ve showed my skills to tell stories. I shot, wrote, and edited weekly packages for the taped broadcast. Through OStateTV I gained experience anchoring, hosting, reporting, and reporting live in sport and news shows. I also have experience sideline reporting for OSU baseball.

I worked as a sports intern at KFVS12, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In addition, I worked as a news intern at Tulsa’s Channel 8, in Oklahoma. With my internship experiences I interviewed people, wrote short stories for the web, edited news packages, edited sport highlights, and shadowed reporters in the field.

I graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Media at Oklahoma State University. My education, previous internships, and jobs prepared me to manage my time, learn quickly under pressure, and work as a team with other individuals to perform a variety of tasks.

Demo Reel:


Joplin Downtown Improvements

Joplin Police Officers are Flag Football Coaches

Ronald McDonald House Feature

Holiday Depression

The Great Deer Hunt

Operation Jammies



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