Meowing for Attention

I can spot a cat anywhere, and when I do I fall in love with them easily. I am a fan of cats; I even have several friends who are obsessed with cats. However, having a film festival about cats is pretty ridiculous. There is no need to view the world with a cat video; this is not a Hollywood Premier. This festival brought in thousands of people who dressed up as cats which is not acceptable in today’s society.

Dressing up as a cat is for a Halloween costume or for a themed party, not to wear because you are a fan. Studies show the difference between cats and dogs, and cat lovers are trying to have their say and take a stand on cats. To do this, many people post funny, cute, serious, or tired cats to advertise and get their voice out.

So my “purrspective” is to handle the love and showing of cats in a different way, rather than a film festival. I think people should keep continuing to post videos and pictures on websites and make a stand for what they believe. This festival was pushing it over the top and was not necessary to the extreme it became, no matter how much attention it got from it, it was not something to brag about. Heck, even I post fun cat pictures all the time!


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