Battle of Stress

Can we be addicted to stress? I happen to think we most defiantly can. I seem to be catching myself stressing several times a day, pretty much every day. Stress does not have to be always physical but mentally too and that is extremely helpful to know! Not to mention, figuring it out what type of stress you are.

I am the type of person that stresses about the little things and cannot sleep at night because I have so much on my mind. I do not get as much done as I can. Both emotional and physical stress can cause problems within your body such as your nervous system, blood pressure and the risk of cancer which no one likes. 

Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, a cardiologist, believes the best way to get help with stress is to put yourself in someone shoes and feel their ways. I honestly cannot think about putting myself in someone’s shoes, I cannot even find a way to handle my stress level. But I suppose I can try a few ways that a recent study that Harvard Medical Center provided, not sure if I can handle all that along with my stress! 


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