Free Education?

Michigan students in Kalamazoo are extremely lucky. If you graduate from one of their two high schools, their college is paid for. I am pretty sure any student who has that offer would for sure finish high school and go to college for a higher education. Especially since college tuition is increasing each year.

I think this is a great idea from Janice M. Brown because every student deserves a chance to go to college, make a better person within their selves and have a better career to support them in life once out of college. Without this program, many students who are homeless, have no family, no money, or in the mind set of dropping out will not have an opportunity that possibly no one else has had in their family.

Not only will this Kalamazoo Promise help the students, it also will help the small town. The town is not high on financial levels, and with this program it will help get their town name out to show they are trying and their high school graduation rate will be higher and not lower. Also, other people who are in the same situation has the option to move to Kalamazoo and have their child also follow this program. Even though there are restrictions and rules for this, it would be worth it because it’s a free education. Heck, even scholarships have rules!


2 thoughts on “Free Education?

  1. I agree! I blogged on this topic as well and I think the Kalamazoo should expand their program to other states across the US so other students in similar situations can have a chance to attend college as well.

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