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The social media has changed within the past couple of years, and it will only change more in the future. As the study shows in this article, most people from our generation do not care about news happening beyond the U.S. People of this generation would rather follow celebrity news or the latest TV show. If students who are attending college to write for the media do not care about the latest news, why would they spend the time and money? That answer is unknown.

I happen to agree with this article because I do not watch the news or read daily newspapers. I do not have enough time to sit and read or watch the evening news while being a full-time student.  I do not pay attention to what happens outside my immediate interest, which probably is why I feel I am always out the loop. If a professor would ask my class if we read the newspapers or watch the news, my hand would be down.

Professor Poindexter made a clear point when asking the question, “Who here reads the news?” His answer was in the room when half of the hands did not go up. Most students do not pay attention to the recent news because they have other things on their agenda. However, if students are going to go study journalism, it might help to read and follow current examples of what they plan to do once out of college. 


2 thoughts on “News Daily

  1. I do agree that not a lot of people read the news anymore. A lot of students get their news off social medias like Twitter and Facebook, but little do they know there are twitters and Facebooks for news sites! That is how I get my news with my busy schedule.

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