Does the F word matter?

The F word is not the bad cuss word, but a simple three letter word, fat. It can be hurtful and send people to their rooms crying ashamed of the person they are. People should not judge another based on their size, because what matters is on the inside. Someone might be overweight, but they still have the same body parts a skinny person would have.

No human is the same. I still see people overweight around campus, at home and in public people. But can they help it? According to Annie Hauser, there is a gene called CD36, or the “fat gen” in which people are more sensitive to the taste of fat than people who have a different form of the gene. No one can help the gene they are born with. However, there are always ways to deal with such gene simply by eating right and physical activity.

That is what I had to do. I remember growing up I was bigger than all my friends. I remember they used to say, “Cortney you are not fat, just big boned,” which in other words meant fat. I finally learned at the age of 19 my body was different, and I have “Metabolism B.” People with Metabolism B use insulin and store fat differently than a normal person. Everyone deserves a chance to be the person they want to become, and I completely support the decisions they chose. Now I am learning to eat differently and work with my body.


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