Cell Phones every where!

It’s weird to think cellphones are taking over the world right before our eyes. I walk down the street and what do I see? I see people from all ages on their cellphone, half the time not looking where they are going. It’s ridiculous!

We use cellphones as a way to escape the world. I get that but, when it is used for the wrong reasons or too much it gets in the way of reality. I am guilty of this; I use my cellphone most of the day with texting, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to entertain myself. If I want to make plans or talk to someone, I shoot them a text, never a phone call. I turn people down just as they turn me down.

Everyone today is losing the face to face contact because of phones. Why make the call when the answer is a couple clicks away. I understand why people do this, but it is sad to know proper manners are going downhill and face to face conversations are transferring to text to text conversations. If something doesn’t change now, what will the future hold?


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