He shoots…He scores!

Most NBA scoring champions think they are hot shots and that they own the world. I mean if I were a famous basketball star, I would do the same thing. Not everyone is perfect; we all make mistakes. The media will always find ways to put a person down. It happens to be Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant in the latest gossip.

 Michael Jordan gambled. That is not something to look down upon. A lot of people and organizations gamble; it is not a big deal. Some states, hospitals and families gamble regarding which team is going to win March Madness. I know my family bets money on football and basketball games.

Kevin Durant might have done some bad things when he was younger, but who hasn’t  He is also tall and skinny, lacking a lot of muscle. It does not mean he should be kicked around just because he could not lift a certain amount of weight. What happened to him when he was younger helped him become who he is today, and the media should not look down upon him.  


One thought on “He shoots…He scores!

  1. I completely agree. Celebrities are just like everyday people when it comes to making decisions. The media needs to find other information to take about, rather than putting someone else down about their past.

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