Is she really sorry?

Rihanna has just released her new album titled Unapologetic. What is it that she is not apologizing for? Is it the overtly sexual lyrics? Is it minimizing physical violence against women? Is it for allowing her marketing people to work the system in the mass media or social networking systems to make money?

Over the past 7 years when Rihanna has released 7 albums, the sexual lyrics have become more overt. Historically, pop lyrics have often had sexual implications. Lyrics are now openly sexual allowing sex to publicly exploit instead of private and intimate. Next, Rihanna is singing with Chris Brown; has she accepted the apology for being physically abused? He has a publicly visible tattoo on his neck like jewelry of a physically abused woman. The younger generation of women believed this is not a problem while the slightly older women are concerned that this is a sign of minimizing the important social value of violence against women. Finally, Jude questioned quantity over quality. The more scandalous a topic is, the more YouTube hits it receives, and therefore, the more popular the artist. Marketing techniques respond to and also shape society’s views.

I believe the idea that Jude is raising is the article is asking the question, “What is now acceptable in our society?” The morals of our society are changing. I think this is happening without thought of what is really happening and what the long-term consequences will be. According to Jude article, one of the lyrics in Rihanna’s Unapologetic album is, “I’m going through the motions, I can’t get the emotions to come.” Perhaps this is the direction our society is heading. 


2 thoughts on “Is she really sorry?

  1. You’re first paragraph really caught my attention and I like the question you posed at the end! That’s definitely something to think about.

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