A huge success!!

Electronic Communication is a fun, interesting, helpful class. The class taught me how to use programs on the Mac computer to create projects. It helped me practice programs such as GarageBand, iMovie, Photo Shop, Soundslides, and iPhoto. It also helped me practice on writing blogs and posting blogs to my personal website.

I came into Electronic Communication knowing nothing about the Mac computer. I couldn’t even turn it on; I was struggling. I felt like a grandma using the Mac because I was lost. However, my professor helped me by taking time to personally teach me and show me around the Mac, which I appreciated.

I am now more comfortable on a Mac computer thanks to this class. I can write blogs on my website, edit sound on GarageBand to make a podcast, edit photos and import them to Soundslides or iMovie, and gather video footage to edit and make an online video. All of these skills I have learned will help me further with my major. 


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