Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Broadcast Journalism

By: Cortney Brown

Honesty: Honesty is the basis of trust. It is required in each relationship. I will adhere to my responsibility and be truthful in each situation.

Loyalty: I will be faithful to myself, the public and those I represent.

Professionalism: Broadcasters are constantly in the public eye. I will be professional not only in the newsroom and live shots, but also in my daily life.

Fairness: As a professional journalist, I will report news for what it is without taking sides or expressing my opinion. I will treat others with respect when reporting.

Accountable: I will be credible and report accurate information. Therefore, I will accept responsibility for my actions.

Courage: I will take a task to complete that others might want not want to complete. In the Journalism field it is important to get the job fulfilled in a successful way.

Attitude: I will maintain a positive attitude even when situations become stressful. A positive environment encourages productivity and sense of well-being.

Integrity: As a professional, I will be honest and sincere. I will be dependable and reliable to meet my responsibilities.

Respect: I will make sure I am being fair in my reporting. I will be aware of the impact my reporting may have on its subjects and will show kindness those affected by the story.


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