Sports Reporting

I have video experience including shooting, editing, and on camera work. I work with Inception, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Garage Band, SoundSlide and other programs.

Sport Features:

During the off season, Bullet plays in the pasture with 11 other horses. During football season, he is living a little differently. I went out to his home and got to know OSU’s horse off the field.

Running, tackling, and hitting with no pads is what some OSU students do in their free time. I had a fun time participating with the Men’s Rugby team at OSU. I wrote, shot and edited this feature.

Oklahoma State has a sport that isn’t well known…bass fishing. I got hooked on fishing while I spent the day on the river. I wrote, shot and edited this feature package.

Oklahoma State Tennis program is filled with foreign players. I took a closer look at the impact the Cowgirls and Cowboys foreign players have on the team.

Dreams are goals with deadlines, but for OSU pitcher Jon Perrin, it wasn’t that easy.

Sport Recap Packages:

Below are examples of my sport game recap skills. I shot, scripted, voiced, produced and edited these videos.

OSU Cowgirl basketball played Arkansas Pine Bluff at home.


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