Pioneers for the Win

By: Cortney Brown

It was a happy night for the Pioneer boys basketball team.

Stillwater High School beat Edmond Santa Fe High School 81-65 at home Tuesday night.

The Pioneers did not start the game with the original starting five, but that did not stop them.

Brandon Prather, a junior guard, replaced starter Brett Budke because of his left knee injury. Brandon scored 19 points.

Budke was missed at the game. Starter Jake Green, a sophomore guard, said he played for Budke and the team can go a long way.

Starter senior Carson Teel averages 22 points a game and scored 20 points for the Pioneers. He is a left-handed guard and can shoot. Stillwater coach Michael Davis was impressed with Teel’s performance.

“Carson is a pretty good player,” Davis said. “He can shoot all day long and not miss. The kid gives everything he got. He is a leader of or group.”

The Pioneers led, but at the start of the third quarter they had turnovers, and the Timberwolves scored eight points in 20 seconds.

“We had to get punched in the mouth and then refocused,” Davis said. “When we got refocused everything was fine.”

Both teams played zone and that let the Pioneers shoot its eight 3-pointers.

“We hit everything,” Green said. “We are a shooting team and that is how we win games.”

The Santa Fe Timberwolves were not happy with their school and how the team played. The Timberwolves kept up with the Pioneers for the first quarter and then let the Pioneers take the lead for the whole game.

Daron Mims, a junior, said he felt defeated and did not want to leave with a lose. They lost the Pioneers last year and wanted to win this time.

“We didn’t come out hard,” Mims said. “We didn’t play. We overlooked them and our defense sucked; we should have won this game. They kicked our butts last year and its upsetting.”

Pioneer sophomore Jordan Brown played forward and scored 14 points. He was happy with how the team played and with his performance but said he wished there weren’t that many turnovers.

“We wanted it more than they did,” Brown said. “So having this win is great. I had a better game than the last game starting off the bench. I am proud of our team playing without Budke, even with the turnovers.”


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